Colorado Hemp Honey Hip N Joint Oil Bottle 1oz

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Colorado Hemp Honey Hip 'N' Joint Oil Bottle 1oz.

This product has combined three powerful ingredients to create a natural alternative to help alleviate stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain for you or your pet.

The first powerful ingredient is Full Spectrum Hemp Extract.

CBD is naturally occurring in hemp extract.

These extracts have numerous health benefits, including calming stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain.
The second ingredient is the antimicrobial Bee Propolis.

This property helps ease allergies and fight infections that may cause any irritability or anxiety.

And last but not least, medium chain triglyceride (MCT) also known as coconut oil is added.

MCT helps with easy absorption of the tincture and supports better overall digestion.

Your pet's will come running for this delicious Salmon flavor tincture.

Each 1 oz bottle contains 500 mg of calming hemp supplement.

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